To generate an instinct proclivity towards habits and hobbies, the St. Marians are profited with many refreshing portals, under different clubs.

The expertness to satiate the taste buds through wholesome foods and culinary authority is demonstrated by master chefs who know the dietary values. The St.Marians who attend these activities turn into self reliant personalities who know how to cater to the needs.

To enrich musicality and artistry St.Marians are guided by professionals with a sparkling talent. Instruments of string, wind and skin are taught apart from vocal classes in all the forms of music. As music opens up all the portals of mind and creativity, it helps the St.Marians to be very kind and merciful to the world. The memory of children will be very sharp and nothing can be erased and efface from their creative corridor. Selected St.Marians who have the right flair for music lead the prayer group.

Conscious and aware of the life support system called trees and plants, the St.Marian members of green club conduct sapling planting mission and plant preservation expedition.

Immense opportunity is also given for learning drawing and painting. The rudiments of basic measurements are furnished to the children to make them exemplary artists with profuse talent.