The alarming dearth of absolute maestros is the disaster and menace to the present world. So the mentors are chosen through a series of tests and interviews. We give an equal significance in the profoundness of their subject as well as the methods they employ to transfer their forte and inspire the children. An outstanding edge is awarded to a teacher for his/her distinctive and amicable orderliness.


“Roses are red and fragrant. But Jasmines are white and equally fragrant”

Diversity is the beauty and essence of life.

Here, in St. Mary’s all the children are keenly observed and knowingly offered the path of their traits with a genuine tonality of care and concern.
The most considerable and worthy facet of our schooling is the concept of space. Each and every child is given or bestowed his space in accordance with his emotional and intellectual demand and no one is calmed without being given a platform to deliver his/her manifestation as a child, who has something to show and say to the world. In St. Mary’s each day is a fascinating journey to a land of unexplored zones and vistas. There they see the spectacles of unlimited future and fun. When we relax the grip, they gambol and prance enjoying the marvels and wonders of knowledge and cognition. The liberty and volition with discipline reward their life as well as their career.

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